Originally a drinking place for visiting seamen and working policemen, there has been a Mariners’ Rest in the Marine Police Headquarters for more than 100 years. Mariners’ Rest serves beers on tap and British pub fare with a modern edge. Brave visitors will be able to visit and drink in the building’s original jail cells that held many unruly sailors, European pirates, and Chinese pirates by the former Marine Police.

Mariners’ Rest offers a wide range of drinks to accompany afternoons of watching sporting events with friends or evenings enjoying snacks and beer on tap. The elegant yet convivial pub presents a full English menu. Adding a contemporary touch, the culinary team at Hullett House has created exciting dishes with traditional English flavours created with carefully-chosen meat and cheese from smaller British based producers.

A drinking and dining haven, Mariners’ Rest offers guests a glimpse into the life of the old Marine Police with a classic British pub where history is attached in the form of the preserved jail cells, which allow for an unusual drinking experience.