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As a charity partner of the Friends of Panda Mountain, as of 15 July 2015 GR8 has launched a fundraising campaign to support Friends of Panda Mountain save and restore habitat for wild pandas in the Wolong Nature Reserve, China’s leading home for Giant Pandas. Each guest is invited to make a difference with HK$20 when staying at Hullett House and The Luxe Manor or dining at eight of the following GR8 outlets; Champagne Gallery, FINDS, Loong Toh Yuen, Mariners’ Rest, St. George, Stables Grill, The Parlour, and Whisky@Stables.

Your HK$20 contribution will:

  • SAVE wild lands and give pandas a home
  • RESTORE the balance between people and nature in Wolong
  • INSPIRE stewardship and ecological renewal

Rather than simply promoting panda adoption and raising pandas in captive; Friends of Panda Mountain’s core mission is in conserving and restoring the balance between the local community and natural environment of Wolong area; the NGO wholly integrates planning, conservation, education, training, community engagement and sustainable development. Thus, not only does the work involve bringing beautiful panda cubs into the world, but it is to ensure these young pandas have a home in the wild. So let’s play a part in this important mission to ensure this adorable and unique species survives for generations to come.

The Pandas and People of Wolong thank you for your warm support!

Please download our press release for more details.

More details about Friends of Panda Mountain: www.pandamountain.org/savepandas

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