GR8 Leisure Concept Limited strives to be the pre-eminent – original, creative, and experiential – hospitality developer in Asia.


With creativity and passion the core of its vision, GR8 Leisure Concept Limited is constantly seeking out people that can meet the demands and challenges to help make GR8 a great brand in the world of hospitality.

The heart of each employee needs to ‘feel’ our values. At GR8, all our people must possess what we have coined “6A Family”:

Always! Show Respect
We treasure diversity & individual uniqueness

Always! Communicate
We connect with people by heart and by using appropriate body language

Always! One Team
We support one another and focus our efforts towards the goal

Always! Be Better
We learn from experience and continuously improve

Always! Be Innovative
We create alternatives with a flexible mind and constantly think out of the box

Always! Show Passion
We familiarise ourselves with our brands’ stories and embrace a “can do” attitude